A Vendor Management System that offers immediate visibility across spend, projects, and vendor performance.

Is Renhead VMS Right For Me?

We know that technology is only as good as the people behind it. Renhead software was built with the user in mind. Users in all steps of the workflow process will easily navigate through the Renhead framework to make adoption seamless. Gain visibility, increase productivity, and boost collaboration by managing all aspects of the process with Renhead VMS.



Statements of Work



Whether you are HIRING through a Recruiting Process, or BUYING through a Procurement Process – Renhead’s proprietary technology offers a robust platform that can be adopted into any workflow.

Recruiting Process

Proprietary and cloud-based technology built to save you time and drive faster placement. Our end-to-end recruiting software implements the tools to drive organization and productivity, coupled with robust reporting used to cut down on rogue spending and maximize efficiency.

Gain FULL VISIBILITY of your Hiring Process. 

See for yourself in our interactive workflow below:

Create a job req with speed and ease with Renhead’s “quick create” functionality. Simplify things even further with a job req template that applies to a specific position type that require the same set of skills to be used on the fly.


Send your job req out to one vendor or a group of vendors – with just one click! Group vendors by industry, performance, location (your choice!)


Score each candidate against actual job requirements, skills and experience, details supplied by the vendor and more. The Renhead platform highlights a candidate’s match rates for you to compare talent in a convenient snapshot view. Collaborate and track real time feedback by your team. Our technology records the complete process – giving you full visibility across your hiring team.


Find the perfect candidate? Extend them an offer simply by attaching the offer letter and emailing them directly from their candidate record.


Review pending timesheets fast with Renhead’s batch approval process. Filter by project, status, submitter, date ranges and more from one place.


Send fully branded invoices via a custom template! Track cost against your budget in real time by importing timesheets from candidates and billing vendors.


Renhead’s VMS is designed to bring teams together to inspire transparency, drive communication, and boost efficiency across any  project, team, or business.

Procurement Process

Achieve full visibility with a robust software system designed to help you plan, organize, track, and manage your projects. Renhead gives you the big picture view of progress, plus the tools to dive into the details and boost efficiency throughout.

Gain FULL VISIBILITY into your Project Management

See for yourself in our interactive workflow below:

It all starts with a project. Simply create a project or Scope of Work (your choice!), setting projections and limits for your team providing transparency across the board on expectations and budgets.

Extend access to any project or scope of work to your vendors and contractors – allowing for full collaboration and a streamlined process. Timesheets will be submitted directly to the assigned project, updates, payments, etc. will all be recorded and tracked in real time against budgets.

Approve timesheets and expenses with one click, keeping real time records of project status, cost and payment schedule.

Renhead’s project dashboard has real time data displayed securely so you are always in the know of projects stats. Review overall cost and timeline, project requirements and milestones, etc.

Send fully branded invoices via a custom template! Track cost against your budget in real time by importing timesheets from candidates and billing vendors.


“We build a true partnership with our clients, building the right solutions for you every step of the way.”

Allison Tam – Renhead Co-Founder

Change is Hard… Renhead makes it easy

We know implementing change is hard. Renhead is unique in how we configure our platform to meet your needs – not the other way around. Our software combines your unique brand and business goals with an effective process that provides your team a consistent, transparent, and easy-to-use workflow.


We understand that every business is unique. Our goal is to provide effective technology that has minimal interruption to your work life as possible. As a result, the Renhead onboarding process is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It begins with a conversation with a Renhead Product Specialist who will be your point of contact throughout your life with Renhead. We build partnerships - not a customer list.


Less is more when it comes to paperwork. Seamlessly incorporate SOW contracts into your project-based workforce to get a 360’ view into total spend and productivity. Share documents directly with clients and vendors for a truly collaborative environment, and set projections and limits to finally be in total control of your budget.


Adaptability is key to any process and our technology was designed with that in mind. Combine out-of-the-box elements to get you up and running fast with customizable features to turn on and off when you need them. Integrate your brand into all communication and process with a white labeled platform from day one.


What’s an efficient workflow without the metrics to back them up? Renhead provides a secure platform for your data - included at no additional cost. Identify rogue spending, gaps in process, and plan for the future with our custom reporting capabilities.

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