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You have the work, we have the workflow. Source, place, track all from one platform to boost efficiency and collaboration across any team.

Is Renhead ATS Right For Me?

Hiring is a never ending process. Let Renhead’s technology work for you by streamlining the process for maximum efficiency. Our end-to-end recruiting software implements the tools needed for robust reporting and advanced sourcing options, to ultimately improve the time it takes to fill an open job.


  • Post jobs with one click
  • Import existing candidates with ease
  • Fast and Accurate Resume Parsing in seconds
  • Search and Match candidates fast

Renhead knows that technology is only as good as the people behind it. Hire smarter and faster with Renhead’s ATS software.


  • Make an offer with one click
  • Automated Onboarding options
  • Easily track progress among teams
  • Automatic audit trail

“We build a true partnership with our clients, building the right solutions for you every step of the way.”

Allison Tam – Renhead Co-Founder


  • Business Intelligence reporting
  • Track collaboration among your team in real time – keeping everyone on the same page
  • Locate past candidates easily for future placement
  • Create and Send Invoices automatically

Let Renhead ATS Work For You

Change is Hard… Renhead makes it easy

Technology should help simplify things – not make them more complicated. The control stays in your hands when working with Renhead technology. One log in for your entire process. Immediate visibility into cost and more, plus infinite flexibility to turn features on or off as you need them.


We understand that every business is unique. Our goal is to provide effective technology that has minimal interruption to your work life as possible. As a result, the Renhead onboarding process is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It begins with a conversation with a Renhead Product Specialist who will be your point of contact throughout your life with Renhead. We build partnerships - not a customer list.


Adaptability is key to any process and our technology was designed with that in mind. Combine out-of-the-box elements to get you up and running fast with customizable features to turn on and off when you need them. Integrate your brand into all communication and process with a white labeled platform from day one.


What’s an efficient workflow without the metrics to back them up? Renhead provides a secure platform for your data - included at no additional cost. Organize your user data and stay in-the-know on performance.


Take your data to the next level with sophisticated software that allows for a deep dive into your team’s unique data. Build powerful business intelligence records and gain actionable insights that will allow for better strategic planning.
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