Streamline Accelerate Simplify the way you invoice.

Uncomplicate your process and accelerate the billing cycle for your business.

Time is money – and we understand that you don’t have any to waste. That’s why our invoicing feature was built to adapt to your workflow.

Before sending your next invoice, build custom templates to match each of your customer’s specific requirements. Rely on accurate and consistent information by inviting others to collaborate during the invoicing process, and avoid accounting headaches by enabling our “locking” feature if you need to prevent employees or contractors from editing their hours during the billing cycle.

Boost Communication

Engage Multiple Clients

Repeatable Workflows

It all starts with our refreshingly simple Invoice Template Builder

The Invoicing feature, as a part of Renhead’s Vendor Management Software, is the complete workforce management solution

Create dynamic and professional invoices fast:
  • Choose from your custom templates
  • Intuitive Invoice number flexibility and formatting feature
  • Bulk import time and expense reports
  • Simplified filter capabilities offer many options for easily locating what you’re looking for

Approval flows for ALL teams:

  • Easily set up customizable and repeatable workflows
  • Automated notifications to ensure everyone is up to date
  • Perfect for multi-tiered or single approval processes

Secure and Open lines of communication:

  • Invite external players to collaborate and reduce the need for manual emails
  • Notes and Activities are stored for a complete audit of progress and communication trails
  • Enable Locking feature to secure all associated timesheets and expenses

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