Our Mission

At Renhead we like to do things a little differently. We focus on the big picture and design software to simplify the workflow for you and your team. We look at where the trends are heading and find ways to make the process more sustainable and adaptable to future change. Our passion is to drive our clients to exceed their goals while saving them time, headache, and money. One of the ways we do this is by creating a platform with the user in mind – all users. No matter where you fit in the workflow – a manager, contractor, candidate, vendor, you name it – the process is easy to navigate.

Our software is designed to bring teams together – inspiring transparency and communication throughout the process.

-Allison Tam-

Our Story

Renhead was founded in 2013 by Allison Tam and Ivana Cvejic – two women with a passion for business and technology. Both come from hard-working immigrant parents who grew up reaching for the American Dream, and in doing so have accumulated a combined 50 years experience in business and technology.

Allison found a love for technology early on and has built a career managing everything from Product and Software Development to Business Operations and has developed and launched software products for companies of all sizes. Her thirst for knowledge, strict discipline and passion for people really show in the Renhead product she and her team have built.

Ivana has spent her career building sales strategy while also focusing on talent development. Her natural ability to uncover efficiencies in businesses of all types has allowed her to follow her passion for people and business which carries into the culture that Renhead was built on.

Renhead proudly runs without Investor control, allowing us to build a true partnership with our clients, building the right solutions for you every step of the way.


We don’t care about how things used to be done, we only care about what needs to be done to capture the future.

-Ivana Cvejic-

Our Culture

The Renhead culture has agility and diversity at its core. We leverage the power of our different backgrounds and expertise to look forward and plan ahead, so our clients are prepared for the future. Our team is equipped with experts who work hard to anticipate changes in the industry and evaluate the latest trends to maximize efficiency with technology in order to provide our clients with the top solutions for managing their contingent workforce.

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