Our Mission

Our mission is to harness the power of diversity to provide agile software solutions that change at the speed of technology.


We believe that the path to staying relevant means to constantly evolve. Therefore we pride ourselves on remaining a work in progress. Solving the problems of today requires that our job is never done. Therefore change is in our DNA, from our employees to our product. We seek to continually refine and adjust our services; we also encourage our team to constantly grow beyond their prior experience so that we can continually provide superior solutions.


Additionally, we believe that strength lies in our many voices becoming one. Therefore, we seek to draw experts from all walks of life to our team. We believe that a 21st-century company should reflect the values of inclusivity and diversity.  We leverage the power of our differences to solve the complex issues within our industry, knowing that our diverse perspectives offer a competitive edge that takes us further together than we ever could achieve on our own.”


To accomplish our mission, we share these core values:


Diversity and Inclusion



Continuous Growth



Our Vision

Our goal is to become the go-to agile vendor management solutions company, equipped to meet customers where they are and help solve their unique problems with equally unique solutions. We want to build a company that keeps pace with the changing world of technology by continually changing itself.


Since its founding, Renhead was and remains committed to an inclusive workforce. We believe that a staff with diverse backgrounds, identities, and knowledge are key to providing innovative solutions to today’s business problems.  


Renhead was founded through the power of diversity when two female professionals from immigrant families realized their complementary experience and expertise could change the way companies solve for business problems. Today, we are a diverse team that represents 4 continents, speaks 12 languages and includes a range of religious beliefs as well as orientations and identities.


At Renhead, we hire team members with an appreciation for everything that they bring to the table for our team and for our clients. We encourage each person to bring their whole self to work, knowing they will be supported and understood. Our founders recognize the opportunities their home country has has to offer and they reflect that appreciation through giving back to their community and making new opportunities available to qualified candidates of every background.


Our Story

Allison Tam and Ivana Cvejic met in 2000 while working together at a financial recruiting firm. Unbeknownst to them, the vastly different paths they would follow after would one day result in the creation of the newest and most advanced HR software systems money could buy. Ivana continued within the recruiting field, working both internally and externally as a Recruiting Manager. While gaining invaluable experience in the corporate world, Ivana became so frustrated with the recruiting software her firm used that she often reverted back to her spread-sheets just to get by. During the same time Allison was gaining vast knowledge in technology, building out very complex online financial trading systems and learning the ins and outs of building technology companies from scratch. A conversation was sparked in 2012 and they both recognized the value of their two backgrounds, their passion for HR, coupled with an extreme gap in the HR sector for newer technologies, and the seed for Renhead was planted. After exhaustive research this need was confirmed by multiple HR professionals who have also been very frustrated by their antiquated and very expensive systems. When the system was ready for demos in 2014 the consistent response was………”OMG!”


Allison and Ivana both come from hard-working immigrant parents who have instilled the American Dream values in them from birth. They share a passion for building new companies, helping existing companies grow and creating efficiencies within companies both small and large. They are both problem solvers who thrive in fast-growing environments and always approach each client with a fresh perspective. These personality traits have translated into a fresh, new solution to professionals in need of hiring tools in all industries. The thoughtfulness, integrity, industry knowledge and careful budgeting has all translated into an outstanding and cost-efficient product for Renhead clients. Allison and Ivana embody the American dream and want to help others do the same by helping them grow their businesses. Thank you for taking the time to read about Renhead, we sincerely hope you will give us the chance to give you a demo of our product to see if it might be the right solution for you.

  • Allison Tam, Co-founder and Head of Products, Development and Operations

    Allison found a love for technology and built a 15 year career managing everything from Help Desks, Project Management, Business Operations and running Product and Software Development Teams. With an outstanding record of developing and launching successful new software products for large and small companies alike, Allison’s innate ability to conceive, create, deliver, maintain and anticipate new products to stay competitive really translates into the best end user experience. Her degree in economics from Mills College, her work in the HR and Recruiting space, coupled with her many years of experience in technology building complicated online trading systems for major financial institutional clients, gave her the perfect blend of experience to develop Renhead from the ground floor up. Allison has a history of building new products and has been part of two successful start-up technology firms, primarily because of her unique understanding of building market-driven products and good end user experience. Her thirst for knowledge, strict discipline and passion for people really show in the Renhead product she and her team have built. The blend of her personality, experience and education have qualified her to build B2B SaaS HR solutions unlike any other Executive in the sector.

    Allison values the power of knowledge and appreciates all the curiosities in life. She currently serves as Board of Trustee for Akadēmos Fú, a non-profit education organization focusing in STEM curriculum in San Francisco, CA. Allison holds certifications in Pragmatic Product Marketing, Agile Product Owner, Agile Scrum Master and have taken extensive courses in SHRM-SCP, Agile Project Management and Series 7/63. In her spare time, you may find her at Daniel Allison Winery learning the art of wine making with the esteem wine maker, Daniel Manies of Opus One fame.

  • Ivana Cvejic, Co-founder and Head of Sales and Marketing

    Ivana fell into recruiting by accident and was hooked immediately. As a Headhunter Ivana uncovered her entrepreneurial spirit early on by building her own client base from scratch and finding new solutions to their recruiting problems through a consultative approach. Learning to dissect different types of businesses from a talent perspective and finding ways to implement new strategies has always inspired Ivana to go the extra step for her clients. A whole new world opened up for Ivana when she was hired by a client to go in-house, where she built recruiting teams and strategies for Wachovia and Morgan Stanley from scratch, increasing Wachovia’s recruiting efforts by 928% regionally and cutting Morgan Stanley’s investment banking recruiting costs by $10.5MM within her first 9 months on the job. She utilized her natural client relationship skills to convince one of the most conservative and established Investment Banks in the world to implement new strategies, providing a new approach to very old issues, which led to Ivana being chosen by senior management to oversee the build-out of Morgan Stanley’s new Private Bank, hiring over 1,000 professionals in what was deemed “an impossible time to fill” by many, all under the allotted budget. In 2011 Ivana went back to her entrepreneurial roots and started Paul Andrews International, a search firm specializing in the finance sector. Although Ivana has stepped out of an active management role to focus on Renhead, Paul Andrews still thrives today and continues to partner with clients by building new teams for boutique and Fortune 500 companies alike. Ivana’s background in recruiting, employee training and development, client development, marketing and sales, and managing large team build-outs has brought Ivana a unique understanding of the internal and external search process, the frustrations Recruiters face every day and finding solutions to alleviate the administrative burdens attached to a successful Recruiter.

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