BLOG- The Candidate Experience through a VMS


When I was a Recruiter and coaching my candidates for an interview one of my favorite pieces of advice was “remember, you’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you.”  This advice was not to boost their ego (although that helped), but it really emphasized the importance of the two-sided relationship.  It helped them take the compensation and technical skills associated with the job out of the equation temporarily while first assessing whether it was the right home for them based on the long-term relationship and cultural fit.

This concept still holds true in everything Renhead was built on, including the relationship between customer and vendor. When we start a relationship it has to be a two-way street of open communication when evaluating whether we want to work together, otherwise decisions are made based on dollars and cents, which never brings a great outcome.  As the provider of an imperative tool that will organize your most important asset (your workforce), it’s important to know that what we say is what we mean, and just as important is your willingness to share with us your pain points and long term goals so we can work on the right solution together.

By hand-picking our customers we create the type of environment we want to work in, we feed our great culture by extending it to our customer base and our success is ensured with a great match of open communication and trust, just like within the recruiting process.  The same should hold true in picking your vendors, who should be an extension of your team and a true partner, providing you with the tools that are most useful and then continue to work closely with you as your needs change.  As a fun exercise, I’d like to take the discussion we opened up about self-sourcing a couple of weeks’ back and give you a real example of how a vendor who talks about self-sourcing options should be able to show you, first-hand, how these tools would work for you. Renhead is one of the only VMS tools that also offers a customized job board for self-sourcing opportunities.  We’ve created a job req for a “Renhead Partner” so you can see first-hand what it’s like for a candidate to apply to a job req through our VMS platform.  

Remember: there’s a sea of clients vendors can work with and a sea of vendors customers can choose, so make sure you focus on the relationship and culture of your vendor partners. The link below is a job posting for Renhead Customers. See what’s required from both parties to create a match, while experiencing what it’s like to be a “candidate” on our VMS or ATS system:

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