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The overwhelming answer we received from this survey to every question was “I don’t know”. Our parenting panel was prepared to conquer this quiz with all of their knowledge and yet they just did not know the answers. Not only did they not know the answers but many did not even understand the questions. We heard from several participants that they were extremely confident before starting the survey and many of these adults had laughed at their own children’s responses the week before. Technology is moving at lighting speed and we cannot assume we know what the current trends are no matter how enlightened we think we are. Even the most engaged parents asking all of the “right” questions will still find they are missing some of the tech language that their kids are using daily. 


Parents just don’t understand


In our mission to educate we found that the kids are learning but some older generations are being left in the dust by new technology trends. 

We want everyone to be on the same page and speak the same language so below please find general definitions found within the responses from our “impossible” quiz.
We also shared some of the best answers we received first. ENJOY!


On a chrome browser, what is “Incognito” and how do you access it? “dont know”, “Uhhhhhhhh”, “No clue”, “I think it’s when you open a new window so you can read more articles. It’s in the right hand corner menu thingy.”, “no idea”, “I have no clue”, “Setting to browse without your webpages being saved in history. I click in setting functions for a few minutes, curse, google it and eventually find it.”


What happens when you press “Control W”? “No clue”, “?”, “Nope.”, “No idea!”, “Still no idea”, “I don’t know…but now I’m curious!”, “??? I do know it is NOT copy or paste”

What happens when you press “Control, Shift & SplitScreen/F5” at the same time? “No clue”, “hahaha no idea”, “no idea -but if it allows me to see multiple windows at one time, Im so in!”, “Edits bookmark?”


iPHONE users only: How do you access “screen recording”? “Ooh don’t know but want to.”, ”What is that, No idea!”, “I didn’t know this was a thing.”, “Well shoot…I dunno?”, “thru your camera?”, “ I’m old, Like a screen shot? I doubt that’s what you mean so … idk.”, “Not feeling very bright, 🙈 idk”, “I don’t know, no idea – this is a thing??”, “What is screen recording?”

What is TikTok and how is it used? “It is where fools get together and post cringey videos”, “It’s an app. You use it like an app.”, “Great question.” 

What is the importance of a follower to followed ratio? “WHAT are you talking about…????”, “Uhhhhhhh”, “Don’t know”, “Nope”, “Big deal. Apparently mine is super bad. You want more followers than you follow its about exclusivity”

What does #FYP mean? “Fly you pigs!”, “for your pleasure”, “🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ NO IDEA”, “Free yellow pages ahaha”, “For your protection?”, “Fix your pants, I don’t know.”

What is “Discord”? “When you have a disagreement with someone… I’m sure it’s supposed to mean something more tech-y but I don’t know what.”, “When stuff sucks??? Now I’m going to google all of these things.” “disagreement”, “when people aren’t getting along??”, “A disruption amongst friends”, “When the sounds are not harmonious”, “Not in cord”

What is “Slack”? “When someone is not doing what they are supposed to do they are slacking”, “Oh, something with games”, “a slacker is someone who is lazy?”, “Thanks for making me feel old.”, “a break – cut me some slack”, “Your not doing enough”, “I know nothing. Lol.”, “Not”, “when you are making fun of someone?”, “To delay work that must be done”, “When you’re supposed to be working but you’re goofing off instead”, “Cut me some slack, I don’t know the answer hehe”, “Extra?”, “What I have turned into since the quarantine”




On a chrome browser, what is “Incognito” and how do you access it? Incognito is a private browser. Your activity can’t be traced. Windows or Chrome OS: Press Ctrl + Shift + n. Mac: Press ⌘ + Shift + n. With an iPhone it’s at the bottom when you go into the mode where you can see all open websites.

 What happens when you press “Control W”? In a Windows or Chrome Browser it will close your tab. 

What happens when you press “Control, Shift & SplitScreen/F5” at the same time? It screenshots a specific part of the screen. This does not work for Mac users.

 iPHONE users only: How do you access “screen recording”? Swipe down from the top right corner and press the record button. This will record anything you are showing on your screen until you press stop. To stop touch the top left corner and end the recording. This will automatically save the video into your camera roll. 

 What is TikTok and how is it used? It’s an app where you can record skits, songs or dances and share with friends and followers. The younger generation is using this as a platform to communicate, express themselves and gain popularity. The people with the highest amount of followers are called “influencers” and can promote or sell things for profit. 

 What is the importance of a follower to followed ratio? If you follow more than the number of followers you have, you have less influence. If you don’t have a lot of followers you don’t have a lot of influence. The ratio of how many people you follow to how many people follow you creates an algorithm that decides how prominent your content will be on any social media site. 

 What does #FYP mean? For You Page and Fixed Your Post are the most common meanings. The For Your Page is the first page you will see when logging into Tik Tok and is based on the algorithm mentioned above. 

 What is “Discord”? A social app to chat, text, video conference or communicate with others in groups or privately mostly used for online gaming. 

 What is “Slack”? App that allows two or more people to communicate in one platform and breaks it up by subjects. Used for project management in groups. Essential business tool. Replacement for email for intra-office communications. Saveable, searchable, great way to interact with co-workers and clients on projects or tasks



Hope we gave you both an education and a good laugh… until next time!

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