BLOG- What do I know?

What do I know? 


Last week we wanted to know how fluently our kids and future workforce can communicate with basic tech terminology. We had a mission that we would help educate and guide them as they grow as individuals and eventually members of the workforce. The results and feedback have been tremendous with several parents sharing their disbelief on what their kids did not know. We even received messages of laughter from parents who took some joy in hearing their kids’ creative responses. By far our favorite answer (a teaser for our next blog) was that a URL is “That’s old time stuff, back in the day”. 

We all know that kids have an entirely new tech language that they are building and adding to on a daily basis. When we set out to learn what exactly they know we discovered so many things that WE did not know. Our mission has now evolved to educating ourselves so that we can more effectively communicate with our children now and our new hires in the future. 

So in the spirit of equality, it is your turn now. Please check out this survey and give it your best guess. No cheating and feel free to let your kids look at your answers and giggle as you may have done to them last week…  


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