Case Study: Leading the Way to Innovation


Given the ever-growing competitiveness of today’s corporate realm, a skilled and motivated workforce is an extremely significant and tangible asset for any organization. However, many enterprises often fail to plan, measure, and optimize this asset, being either unaware or untutored on its escalating significance. Station Casinos, a publicly traded company who owns several regional entertainment destinations in Las Vegas, had also undergone several complexities associated with managing their workforce.

“We had challenges pertaining to timekeeping. The use of multiple systems made it a strenuous task,” says Larry Marshall, VP at Station Casinos. The hiring managers were spending too much time one-on-one with vendors, being more reactive than proactive. On the accounting side, processing multiple invoices, and trying to tie resources to particular projects was adversely affecting their productivity and workflow. Station’s legacy workforce management model didn’t have the capability to track down contractors to enter timesheets, unable to view project spend, and manage overall processes, which ultimately increased the risk of being overcharged. “With our legacy methods, we had compromised on consistency with vendor agreements exposing us to potential risks,” adds Marshall.

With escalating complexities and the goal of moving toward an agile workplace, it became essential for Station to find a more efficient way of doing things…

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