Our Solution

Our team is made up of experienced, creative and enthusiastic people. From product design, development, deployment and technical support, each level of work is examined and re-examined to achieve continuous improvements so that we can better serve our Clients.

Application and Infrastructure

We deploy the latest technology available to build our solutions. Our application/architecture and infrastructure stack is built-up upon many components that produces feature rich and rock solid concurrent performance for MVC web applications.


Our Solution is hosted on one of the best and most secured facilities in the world, providing an extremely scalable, highly reliable platform that enables us to provide fast and secure upgrade deployment and customer access.

Agile Methodology

We are a Customer and Product focused team and apply Agile methodology to our software development that provides continuous planning, continuous testing and continuous integration. This approach allows our Research & Development team to produce new and exciting features quickly, effectively and without interrupting your work flow; hence, providing you with the latest tools to do your work.

Technical Support

We are serious about customer support and we will do all we can to earn your business.  When you onboard with us, our team will guide you through each and every step.  After onboarding, you and/or your representative will continue to have direct communication with our team either via email, chat or phone.

About our Support

Although our application is really, really easy to use, our Account Manager will help you to "know the product" so that you are super comfortable before you introduce our services to your organization. 

User Guide
You’ll get an online guide of each component and learn how to connect and use them.