We have considered your needs
in developing a recruiting system.

Your Job Board - Easy to Post

Whatever job advertising site you choose to use, simply direct your applicants to your job board.  LinkedIn and others will provide you with an option to link to your job board. One click. It's that simple.

Your Applicants - Apply with ease

Applicants can easily apply to your jobs with a resume drag and drop feature.

Headline & Recruiting Message

Customize your company headline or recruiting message whenever you need to.  It's that simple.

Set Expiration

Set an expiration for your job opening...it will auto-expire when you tell it to, no need to think about it again.

Having resumes accurately extracted, stored and searched for
are the essentials of a well built and robust recruiting system. 

Like other components of our system, our resume processing and search engine technology are one of the best available today.

Minimize your time fixing errors and find those awesome, but buried candidates in your database.
More than a Resume
We know people are more than just their resume and some contact information. Let us help you get to know them better.
Contact Info + Connections
Our system will allow you to capture a contact’s relationship connections, past job interests and personal information, giving you a solid overall view of more than just the basics. Take advantage of those relationships and do your networking magic.

Get Fast and Accurate Resume Processing

in 15 seconds

Automatic Processing
Your dedicated career page will allow your applicants to apply for your open positions.  Once they apply, their resume is automatically processed and made available for you to view.
Manual Processing
Keep all your resumes in one central depository. When you get a resume in an email, you can simply drag and drop the resume to create a new contact or applicant.  Just like the video above.
Bulk Processing
When you want to process your resumes that have been sitting in your resume folder, simply drag and drop.  You will be notified when processing is completed.

We also created some of the most useful features.

An up-to-date summary of your job position

An up-to-date summary

With a quick glance know exactly where you are in the recruiting process for each job, what your pipeline looks like and who you need to follow up with. Our system automatically assists you every step of the way with time stamps and other tools to help you focus your recruiting efforts and manage your time efficiently.

Managing the Recruiting Cycle.

Each feature was built to support the needs of the Recruiter - from the initial phone call to the closing of the job pipeline.

Dedicated Career Portal
We will provide you with a dedicated career page where you can post your jobs with a couple of key strokes.
Review your Job Applicants
Our application will process and log the activity of your applicants.  Once they apply for a position they will automatically appear on your list of applicants for that specific job.
Connect to your Social Media
Quickly access your public network with pre-built searches - avoid repeatable steps.
Find your Candidate
Once you are ready you can create a connection's profile with two simple key strokes.  Accessing a social media profile is a snap, just one click away.
Utilize your Massive Database
Make use of your internal database by using our powerful internal search and filter function.
Misplaced that perfect candidate?
No problem.  Enter a key word and we will find them for you.
Place and Bill
Track your expenses and import them straight from the system when you are ready to bill your client.
Bill your Department or Client
Use our system to allocate and track commissions and billable/non-billable expenses to get an accurate view of your ROI. 
a sneak peek....into our Admin Panel

Supports Everyone In and Out of your Organization.

Multi-Layered Role-Based Permission Access.

We can help you support everyone in and out of your Organization.

System settings, SKAs, Invoice templates, Commission calculations, and much, much more.

Super Flexible
Role Based Permissions
Custom Naming Convention
Turn On & Off Features
Drag and Drop Work Flow
Learn More
Roles & Permissions
Easy to change and easy to create multi-layered permissions. Create Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Executive, Vendor access permissions with the click of a button.
Naming Convention
Customize the naming convention specific to your Company or use our default naming convention.
Enabling Features
Our simple "select to enable" feature allows you turn on only what you need.
Work Flow
Be as strict or free as you want to be. Simply drag and drop components to create your workflow.